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Gasik UG boasts an efficient Research and Development division dedicated to executing a wide array of customized innovative products consistently. We steadfastly support inventive concepts and ensure their widespread implementation across global markets. Read More


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Gasik UG
Kürfürstendamm 30,
10719 Berlin,

About Gasik UG

Gasik UG is a leading software services company is made up of a team of high passionate specialists with substantial backgrounds in customized software development, e-commerce websites, Web development, staffing services across the globe. We specially very strong in timely quality delivering Software. We are specialised in delivering cost effective and timely solutions for any business model.


Gasik UG is a reputable and skilled software services company with a focus on customized software development, e-commerce websites, web development, and staffing services. The team consists of highly passionate specialists with significant expertise in their respective fields.

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